Artist Books

“26^S 121^E On the Map” @ Mundaring Arts Centre 15 Sept-15 Oct 2017

Artist: Penny Hudson
Title of work: “Within the fabric within”. A Unique State Artist Book
Medium: Etching, Fabriano Paper, vintage cloth,vintage type, waxed cotton hand stitching,
timber rods, s.steel rods, acrylic,
Size: When folded (approx) H 100mm W 100mm X L 300mm
When unfolded on display approx 300-400mm diameter

Inspiration/concept/artist statement
“I make work about my journey into the history and the layers within antique cloth.
I was first inspired when I came across X-rays of 18th & 19th century garments.
These images were incredibly exciting for me. They revealed layers of numerous repairs and alterations stitched within the fabrics over a long lifetime of many wearers.
The lengthening of a bodice or sleeve, extending a neckline, reducing the fullness of a skirt to the delicate hand stitching to a tear.
So much history, so many stories and memories,
intricately woven both literally and emotionally within the threads of each garment. Cloth which retains the stories and lives from a time when resources were limited. We can learn a lot from them.”

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