Water Tank by Max Ball

Ring by Max Ball

Sterling silver & 18ct yellow gold ring with a blue topaz. Can be sized to suit.
Available to purchase through Gallows Gallery Mosman Park W.A. 089 286 4730
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2 responses to “Water Tank by Max Ball”

  1. carolyn says:

    Hi Max
    we were fortunate enough to buy one of your water tank rings back in February of 2004. Unfortunatley our house was robbed back in 2005. I bought it for my husbands birthday when he turned 41, he’s now turning 50 and I was wondering if it would be possible for you to make one for him. I would like it to be a surprise, so I’m not sure if you still have his ring size. If not I might be able to ge it from Ingot in Melbourne where our wedding rings were made.
    His birthday is on March 3rd, is this a possibility to have it made for this date and also the pricing on it. Just wondering how much the ring is now.

    Many thanks for your time
    Stay well

    Carolyn Deutsher

  2. penny says:

    Hi Carolyn
    Max has emailled you regarding the above query. You can go to the contacts/purchasing page to email him to confirm you received his two emails.