Artist Books

‘Between the Sheets’Gallery East@Central Tafe March 2017 & Australian Galleries Melbourne July 2017


I’ve put my paints aside for now.  I’ve returned to my etching from 25 years ago and am very excited. It’s wonderful to be back working in this medium. So many possibilities.  I am using my etchings and vintage christening dresses (amongst other materials) to create my  hand made unique state artists’ books. To date I’ve made 6 and have entered several exhibitions both nationally and internationally. I am so damn excited to be in this exhibition organised by David Forrest and Janis Nedela of Gallery East fame. Whoo hoo !

What a fabulous journey!

To purchase my artists’ book and etchings contact  Gallery East Perth Western Australia
Upcoming combined exhibition exhibiting two of my artists’ books will be Gallery East on 18th March to 8th April 2017 at Central Tafe –

Gallery East contact details :     Phone 0405 698 799   or 08 6498 9833


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